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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #34 Adonis Ameen-Moore

If Syracuse sees the return of the "Tank" package this year, it will once again focus on Adonis Ameen-Moore, who we're profiling here.

Name: Adonis Ameen-Moore

Position: Fullback

Year: Junior

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 239

Hometown: Denver, Col.

High School: Mullen

2012 Stats: Mr. "Tank" Package himself didn't even have a carry until the Pittsburgh game last year, but from that point on, he had a pretty impressive impact on the Syracuse offense in short-yardage situations. In total, he had 30 carries for 108 yards and five touchdowns.

2013 Projections: He's part of a crowded backfield this season, but if the "tank" returns, he should get a similar amount of touches to what he received last season. If not, maybe he's used more as a blocker? But given the short-yardage success this team experienced with him in the game, I'd think they'd be fine with bringing back the tank.

How'd He Get Here?: He was the Denver Post Player of the Year during his junior and senior seasons in high school. And yet, he turned down offers from Northwestern, Utah, Colorado and Colorado State to attend our humble university in Upstate New York. Thanks, Nate Hackett and Tyrone Wheatley!

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: Rivals said three stars and Scout agreed. Lots of compliments tossed his way back then, which is/was nice.

Money Quote: New running backs coach DeAndre Smith shares some thoughts on Ameen-Moore, how he sold him on sticking around in a fullback role this year, and how he looked in the spring game:

"One thing that I've seen in Adonis is that in the spring game he was a different kid carrying the football. That was more of his element. He played faster. He did some really good things. That got me excited, too, understanding that he still can be the one back, bigger guy if we need short yardage or first downs and things like that."

Links of Wonder: Here's some notes on the very "rocky" (agreed) 2012 Ameen-Moore endured. For those who may have forgot, it was capped with a suspension from the Pinstripe Bowl.

What Does Shafer Think: A man of very few words, Shafer had this to say about the running game as a whole (which includes AAM) after the spring game:

"I thought the offense did a good job making some plays. Running backs did some good things."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: AAM and Prince-Tyson Gulley gave their own thoughts on who looked best after 7-on-7 drills in July. Based on his responses, can't tell if Adonis is on #TeamTerrel or #TeamDrew.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: When you watch Ameen-Moore run in this highlight clip he posted back in high school, you'd think it was the second coming of Ron Dayne (college edition). Maybe he can still turn into this person for SU?