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Top Syracuse Storylines for 2013-14: No. 4 Lacrosse and Other Sports' Success

With the Orange's kickoff versus Penn State coming right around the corner, it's time for the 2013-14 athletic season to begin. Syracuse had an eventful 2012-13 season with multiple Final Fours and success on all fields. Coupled with plenty of off the field noise, it was a year hard to forget. With all of that and a conference change, what are the biggest storylines for the Syracuse? The TNIAAM crew is breaking it down all this week.


Syracuse Lacrosse is a powerhouse. They are the Alabama of the Lax world and after a few years of less than expected results, Cuse reached the final game of the season only to fall to their new ACC Rivals Duke. They're not the only up and comer in a stacked ACC: Men's soccer is ready to follow up on a record breaking season and searching "Syracuse Lacrosse" in our photo archive brings up more Women's Lacrosse photos than their counterparts.

But as Chris notes, things aren't going to get any easier for the Orange this year.

The ACC is a better overall Lax league. Does Syracuse fall back into the pack or rise up to claim its spot as THE elite Lax program in the country?

And that's a good question to ask. After making the National Championship game, another Final Four run with a much less experienced squad would give Syracuse a "reload not rebuild" reputation that goes hand and hand with elite programs across all sports. But Sean reminds us that things are looking optimistic.

As they enter ACC play with an elite recruiting class, a new No. 22 and a renewed swagger, can they maintain they spot atop the pack or will the sheer power of this lacrosse conference overwhelm them?

It's a new road for all of athletics in the ACC with tougher competition and the scrutiny of being the new kid on the block. However, if there is one sport in a position for little transition shock and the chance to start off with a bang, it's Lacrosse. The ACC boasts Duke, North Carolina and Maryland which means that a usually tough schedule only gets more difficult. However, last year we were incredible unsure about the direction of Syracuse Lacrosse. This year, we know they'll be good it's just a matter of if it's good enough.