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Overanalyzing The Syracuse Football Newbie Profile Headshots

The SU football roster has been updated with new player headshots. Let's overanalyze.

One surefire sign that the upcoming college football season is approaching is when the Syracuse Orange football roster is updated with profiles and headshot pics for the newbies (freshmen & transfers). You can peruse the full roster and pick them all out here, but I've got some favorites I just wanted to share and overanalyze together.

QB Drew Allen


Business in the front, slight party in the back and a penchant for eating deer jerky around the chin.

LB Alryk Perry


Alryk is a freshman. He was born in 1995. I mean, have you seen what I look like with a three-week beard? I don't even know what's going on anymore.

WR Sean Avant



TE P.J. Batten


I feel like there's always one guy who goes bowtie every season and that person needs to be honored and appreciated.

DL Tyler Marona


Has anyone ever pitched a mutual fund while assisting on a sack? We may see it done this season.

TE Tyler Provo


Tyler Provo thinks you're gonna like the way you look. He guarantees it.