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Syracuse Football Will Apparently Still Schedule Non-Conference Opponents. So That's Good.

SU Football has a whole lot of gaps on its upcoming football schedules. Deputy AD Frazier says that will change soon.


If you've noticed a significant lack of stories about upcoming non-conference football series with other schools, you're not alone. I've kinda missed writing about them myself. It's probably no surprise then that the Syracuse Orange, along with Auburn and Appalachian State, are the schools with the least-amount of announced non-conference games for the next five seasons.

Furthermore, those two announce games are against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, which are kinda-sorta-technically ACC games anyway. (We were aware of a Navy series in 2015 and 2017 but either that's been scrapped or we're supposed to pretend we don't know).

What gives, Cuse? Chris Carlson sat down with Herman Frazier, one of our many deputy AD's, to find out what the heck is going on with Syracuse's extremely-empty football schedules. Here's what we found out:

Syracuse already has agreements in place for all three non-conference slots in the 2014 and 2015 schedule, they just haven't announced them yet (We know that the Maryland Terrapins will be on the schedule once they leave for the Big Ten).

Frazier said the school plans to announce opponents for the next three years out sometime soon and that the upcoming schedules need to be "historical." Not sure if that means historical opponents like Penn State or historically-important opponents like Ohio State.

Syracuse will continue to schedule at least one FCS school every season and Frazier doesn't seem to be all that fazed about the idea of playing two if the school gets "in a bind."