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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Hard-Nosed Levels

We're getting closer to kickoff, and another season of "What the P-S Won't tell you about...". I'm adding some new features to the 2013 series, including a pop-culture-laden visual guide to Hard Nosed-ness. We'll grade each SU performance based on just how hard nosed we've been. Will we "take it to eleven", or revert back to Robinsonian-levels of futility???

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports


Greetings Magicians!

We're less than two weeks away from kickoff and the writing staff at Invisible Towers are busy pulling together the next edition of "What the P-S Won't Tell You About..." I hope that you'll continue to find it an entertaining and totally worthless reference guide to each week's opponents.

To keep things fresh (and fill up enough space to give me a fighting chance of finishing this thing!), I'm adding a few weekly features including "Dopplegamers", featuring a headshot of a member of the opposing team and their celebrity look-a-like.

We'll also be adding a new hard nose rating tool to help you, the fan, understand just how Hard-Nosed our Orange warriors were during the previous week's contest. Knowing our media outlets don't seem to offer up any real analysis unless it includes pictures, and lots of pop culture references, I've taken the liberty of sprinkling-in a bit of both so all you OMG! fans out there will stay interested.

Enjoy, and Go Orange!