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Syracuse Daily Links - Syracuse Quarterback Stuff & Other Stuff

"Before we kick off at Penn State, we’ll have a decision made as to who’s playing quarterback." (Well...duh.)


Allen, Hunt remain in close competition | The Daily Orange

"Before we kick off at Penn State," Shafer said, "we’ll have a decision made as to who’s playing quarterback."

Breaking down Syracuse quarterback Drew Allen's performance in Fort Drum scrimmage |

Both players took reps with the first- and second-team offenses throughout the afternoon, and it was about as even as it gets. Drew Allen was 10-for-18 passing, Terrel Hunt was 9-for-17. They each threw two touchdowns.

Krautman sits out scrimmage with slightly strained groin, Shafer says he’s OK | The Daily Orange

"(Krautman) feels great," Shafer said. "He wanted to go, probably could have went, but I held him back on purpose to give Norton a bunch of opportunities."

Syracuse University Marching Band debuting new uniforms in October |

The marching band has replaced its tired, worn, and so-last-century uniforms (15 years old) with new ones. Longer jackets that are brighter with more orange, with Syracuse University's block "S" are the new look. It's all about the branding, especially on national television in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Syracuse has college lacrosse's most followed Twitter handle |

Syracuse has 22.5 percent more followers for its official men's lacrosse Twitter page than any other program in the sport.

Syracuse Basketball: Greatest Orange Highlights from the Past Decade | Bleacher Report

Let us now take a look back at the last decade of Syracuse basketball and remember some of the greatest moments.

Packaged Plays and the Newest Form of Option Football - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

"Two weeks before the season, we changed the whole offense," Hackett explained before Syracuse's bowl game last winter. And the theme for all the changes could be summed up in one word: "compression." It wasn't that Marrone added a bunch of new plays, or that the changes were obvious enough that a casual fan would notice, but the entire framework of the offense did change. For the passing game, Marrone said his first priority was to reduce the number of passing concepts. Out too went the complicated NFL-style play calls, replaced with simple, one- or two-word commands that facilitated the team's new up-tempo, no-huddle pace.

Q&A with former Syracuse tight end Nick Provo as he tries to stick with Buffalo Bills |

Provo says Syracuse "has a rough road" ahead in the ACC.

Q&A with former Syracuse lineman Zach Chibane as he tries to make Buffalo Bills roster |

Chibane tells Brent Axe what he thinks it will take for him to make the Bills roster and how he thinks the Syracuse football team will do this season.

Syracuse's Baye Moussa Keita makes a summer trip to Africa with his college-bound brother |

It had been three years since Keita last landed on native soil. This summer, he and his youngest brother Bouna journeyed home to Africa. Baye Moussa needed to address paperwork associated with his student stay in the United States.

Former Syracuse forward Kris Joseph wishes he could be home to welcome Orange teammates |

"My mom's probably going to go to the games, though," he said. "My nieces and nephews, too."

34 College Fans Who Know The Real Meaning Of School Spirit

No. 4 - These Jim Boeheim fanatics .