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College GameDay Coming To Town For Syracuse vs. Duke

Syracuse will host Duke in the Dome on February 1st. The only question now, is, will the court be moved to the middle of the Dome?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

With the news that ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Syracuse for the huge matchup between the Syracuse Orange and Duke Blue Devils, is there any doubt that Jim Boeheim Court will be moved to the center of the Carrier Dome?

The game, which is scheduled for February 1st, will be the most anticipated game in the Dome this season and rumors have been flying for a while now that the inevitable centre-court concept would happen. Considering Dick Vitale was the one who initially "leaked" the rumor, one could draw a line connecting the dots about it being in the works the entire time.

There will be huffing and puffing (especially from Jim Boeheim) about things like season ticket holder issues and electrical wiring but for a PR coup like this, I'm willing to bet DOC Gross pulls out all the stops.

Of course, as some have noted on Twitter, the game is still College Gameday-worthy even without the court shift. And if it didn't end up happening, it won't lessen the excitement of the game.'s gonna happen.