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Syracuse Inches Closer & Closer To Literally Becoming New York's College Team

Good job, good effort, MSNBC.

I'm sure you've seen this by now and we've had some fun on The Twitters and The Facebooks with it, but just in case, here's that wonderful map that MSNBC put together of Upstate New York:


1. Nope.

2. It's all part of DOC Gross' plan to literally move us to New York City.

3. 85% of the country wouldn't know this map was 100% wrong if they weren't told.

4. When does the Syracuse-Buffalo-Binghamton "Upstate Triangle" Tournament start?

5. No wonder people consider our games in Connecticut and Massachusetts to be home games.

6. Poor Scranton, getting placed roughly where Penn State is. How dare they sully the good name of Scranton like that.

7. Fact: Western New York is a desolate wasteland where no life can grow.

8. Nope.