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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Pre-Camp Update, Part Deux

Last time, on Syracuse Men's Soccer: Pre-Camp Update (SMSPCU), I touched on a few of the freshmen that will be coming in to the squad this year. The prior was the all international edition. This will be a mix and match. A Norwegian, a Chittenangoan(?), and a sprinkling of other Americans from PA and MD.

It's Drogba... he's wearing Orange... Gotta count for something...
It's Drogba... he's wearing Orange... Gotta count for something...
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Check out Part I of the Pre-Camp Update here.

Kenneth Lassiter

Lassiter comes to Syracuse from Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania. You may have heard of some big name basketball player that also came from there, but we're talking different sports here, people. Kenny played with FC Delco, who happens to be a part of the US Soccer Development Academy. He won all sort of league honors in high school and was a member of the Generation Adidas Cup winning team with the Philadelphia Union Academy. Per Coach McIntyre:

"Kenny is a player that can go by opponents on the dribble and he possesses a nice left foot," McIntyre said. "He has the size and athleticism to make a quick transition to the college game here at Syracuse."

Mike Koegel

The local incoming member of the squad. Mike's been on campus along with Alex Halis since January, hopefully getting some time to gel with the team. He's from nearby Chittenango and was heralded as the number three prospect in the state and #139 overall by He played his club ball with Empire United, so he's pretty familiar with his current teammates Alex Bono, Ben Ramin and Stefanos Stamoulacatos.

Aron Coste

Aron hails from the heart of ACC country, or rather, the northern traditional reaches of former ACC Country in Takoma Park, MD . He played club ball for Bethesda SC, part of the top flight of amateur leagues in the Mid-Atlantic region. He's listed in midfield on the official roster, but many mentions of his club days list him as a forward. We'll see where he ends up when play starts. Per Coach McIntyre:

"Aron excelled at our camp and possesses an infectious passion for the game," McIntyre said. "He has the technical tools and the work ethic to help our team on both sides of the ball."

Emil Ekblom

The second of our Norwegian contingent, Emil hails from Bekkestua, Norway and played his club ball with Stabaek IF U-19. He's a right footed center forward/striker that should be able to give a spark up front to the Orange, and will hope to fill the gap left by Tony Asante's ACL injury. This YouTube clip should give you a good run down on him:

Emil Ekblom 2012 (via Emil Ekblom)

That seems to have wrapped up the freshmen. Next installment will hit the transfers coming in from a variety of places around the country, from Herkimer to Indiana.


Keegan Balle, Korab Syla, Emmanuel Kollie