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Syracuse vs. Penn State: Time To Get Your Groupon On

If you've been holding out to buy your tickets, now might be the time.

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Rich Schultz

Stop me if you've heard this one before. After hearing for months about how MetLife Stadium is home away from home for the Syracuse Orange football team, ticket sales are so soft that Daily Deals are deemed necessary.

Last year, all the Groupons couldn't help Syracuse's game against the USC Trojans couldn't push the announced attendance over 40K (with actual attendance likely closer to 30K). The problem, of course, is that outside the fanbases, no one really cared enough to go:

It's safe to say that the Trojans expected a larger, louder crowd at its East Coast tuneup. And it wasn't their fans' fault, either -- there were at least as many USC fans as Syracuse supporters in attendance. It was more of a local issue. Not counting what appeared to be a robust Syracuse student section, there were very few local New Yorkers who went to the game.

Guess what? The Groupon is back. As of the time of this writing, you've got about seven days (SEVEN DAYS!!!) if you want to buy either...

  • $45 for one ticket for corner seating on concourse 300 (an $87.05 value)
  • $55 for one ticket for end-zone seating on concourse 100 or 200 (a $107.45 value)

If you've already bought your ticket full price, tough noogies. If you've been waiting to buy a ticket, this is your time to shine.

I know, I know...the point of this game is not to sell tickets, it's for recruiting and media awareness. Still, it never looks good when games like these are sparsely attended. That's the kind of thing people love to mention after the fact. The key is making them mention it as an anecdote to Syracuse's impressive victory.