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Centre Court: Syracuse Considering Moving Carrier Dome Floor For Duke Game

The inevitable may finally be happening. SU is considering moving the Carrier Dome court to the center of the building when Duke comes to town.

Nate Shron

It was only a matter of time, really. After Syracuse Athletics witnessed just how many people it could pack into the Carrier Dome for the Villanova game a few years back and last year's Georgetown game, it was inevitable that they'd want to take things to eleven and see what happens when you move Jim Boeheim Court to the center of the Carrier Dome.

Looks like it's finally going to happen when the Duke Blue Devils come to town (per Mike Waters).

Syracuse University officials are considering a plan that would move the basketball court to the middle of the Dome's football field for the Orange's game against Duke. The decision to move the court would be done, in part, to make history and also to mark Syracuse's first year as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Moving the court would mean breaking the NCAA's all-time attendance record for an on-campus game. The current record of 35,012 was set on Feb. 23, 2013 when Syracuse hosted Georgetown for the final time as Big East foes. It was the first announced sellout in the Carrier Dome's history.

SUA has long pondered aloud what would need to be done to make it happen. Even though the Dome has football & lacrosse games that take up the entire building, the wiring set-up and season ticket-holder assignments for basketball games would have to be seriously re-jiggered.

The Dome record now stands at 35,012. By rough estimates, a central court might make 50K+ possible (not sure the logistics, that's just what a lot of folks are throwing out there).

Naturally, Jim Boeheim has already expressed displeasure at the idea. Naturally, DOC Gross ain't about to care. How bout you?