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Syracuse Football Recruiting Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

I'm not used to all this four-star recruit stuff. It hurts my heart.


K.J. Williams scares me. Maybe it's the whole Zach Allen Affair fresh in my mind, but based on everything I've been reading since the four-star WR committed to play football for the Syracuse Orange in 2014, I just keep feeling like Han Solo in the Death Star trash compactor. I've got a bad feeling about this.

It might be this quote from his high school coach, basically an open dare to the Miami Hurricanes to start recruiting Williams...

"I knew Miami was his dream school and stuff like that," Truby said. "But Miami, to be honest with you, hasn't been calling or putting too much interest in. I know that's his dream school, but with his cousin up at Syracuse and everything I don't know if that would even turn the tide."

Or it might be how, in the middle of talking about how excited he is to come to SU, Williams lets it be known that, you know, nothing's a done deal.

"I'm pretty much locked in, but I'll still listen to what schools have to say," Williams said. "If I happen to change my mind and I do, whatever happens, happens."

K.J. has a whole new bunch of Twitter followers that I'm guessing wouldn't feel all "whatever happens, happens" about it if he did.

The more I think about it, I think it's the just the whole Zach Allen thing that's left me burned. It's already stressful enough getting hyped up about these guys only to see half of them wash out. It's arguably worse to see them change their mind and then spend the next four years wondering what could have been.

Fingers crossed and will be until singing day come February 2014.