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Syracuse Daily Links - Orange Preseason Camp Primers

Brent Axe keeps churning out preseason camp primers and SU looks for some height advantages in WR recruiting.


Syracuse football preseason camp primer: Offensive line has few proven commodities after starting 5 |

At first glance, this position has a lot of young depth but virtually no experience behind the starting five. The obvious needs are replacing left tackle Justin Pugh and left guard Zack Chibane, who are both in NFL training camps. Syracuse, in sliding Sean Hickey and Rob Trudo from the right side to the left, believes it has the solution.

Syracuse football 13 in 2013 countdown: Linebackers need to anchor SU defense |

When you glance over the Syracuse depth chart, seeing those three names listed at OLB, MLB, and OLB most elicit a "we're good" or a "all set there" in the mind of a Syracuse football fan.

Syracuse football 13 in 2013 countdown: Special teams needs dramatic improvement |

To say the least, special teams for the Syracuse University football team were not so special in 2012. Let us count the ways.

If Oregon built a football palace for $68 million, what should Syracuse get for its $17 million? |

The Orange, which released renderings of its indoor facility earlier this month, are trying to keep up with the Joneses by building the facility, but that might be like trying to chase down the Joneses Ferrari from a moped -- at least when it comes to Oregon and the constant financial support of Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight.

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange Goes Global

Syracuse Field Hockey player Adrian Chambers is currently studying in Amsterdam (Holland) and training at a Dutch hockey club as part of the Global Players study abroad program for student-athletes.

Height Advantage: Syracuse After 6’6″ Jamal Custis, Developing Big WR Crew : Orange Fizz

Wideout Jamal Custis from Philadelphia has Syracuse on his radar, and he could one day give Orange quarterbacks a terrific security blanket. Custis is 6’6″ with a huge wingspan, and is known for his ability to go up and get it. High passes are a part of the game. Not every throw will be right on target. There’s always a few that sail just a little too high.

A very chill preview of Syracuse's first season in the ACC: