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Syracuse Football Single-Game Tickets On Sale Thursday

There's also some curious ticket packages that might be worth consideration.


Here ye, here ye, individual game tickets for the 2013 Syracuse Orange football season go on sale Thursday at 10 a.m.for SU's six games in the Dome.

Tickets start at $24 for non-conference games and $29 for ACC games. Group tickets (20 or more) start at $10. There's also a couple packages that we should review to make sure they're worth it....

Rivalry Package (starts at $79) - 1 adult ticket for the Boston College (football), Pittsburgh (football) and Indiana (men's basketball) games.

Curious package indeed. Wonder why they felt the need to package that Indiana game already, but, not complaining. If you only make it out to the Dome a couple times a year for both sports, you could do worse than this deal. Both the BC and Pitt games should be competitive and you know the Dome will be rockin' when those damn Hoosiers come to town.

Kickoff Package (starts at $52) - 1 adult ticket to the home opener vs. Wagner and ACC opener vs. Clemson.

Ah, the old "if you want the best game, gotta get a ticket to the worst game" tricker. Technically, whatever shortcomings a game against Wagner have, they're saved by two's the first game in the Dome and it's a "sure" win. I do like that, in this instance, SU calls the Wagner game the "home opener" even though it doesn't take place in our true home stadium, Met Life. Surprised DOC Gross let that one slide.

Time Warner Triple Play (starts at $78) - 1 adult ticket for the Wagner, Clemson and Boston College games OR 1 adult ticket for the Tulane, Wake Forest and Pittsburgh games. Both options include a free SU hat.

Well, look, no matter what you're getting a free hat. Everything else is gravy. The two options basically come down to this...are you an optimist or a pessimist? The optimist thinks SU has some kind of chance against Clemson and takes the first package. The pessimist wants to see wins and knows package two is the safer bet. If it's me, I'm taking the first package. Wagner's a win, Clemson's the biggest home game of the year and I hate Boston College.