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Syracuse Football Gets 66-1 Odds To Win The ACC

The odds are in they are not in Syracuse's favor.


The odds to win the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2013 are in and the Syracuse Orange have been given just about as much of a shot as you've come to expect (via Bovada):

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Atlantic Coast Conference

Clemson - 19/10
Florida State - 5/2
Miami - 7/2
Virginia Tech - 15/2
North Carolina - 8/1
Georgia Tech - 12/1
Pittsburgh - 33/1
Virginia - 33/1
North Carolina State - 50/1
Maryland - 66/1
Syracuse - 66/1
Boston College - 75/1
Duke - 100/1
Wake Forest - 100/1

The Orange are in a similar spot when it breaks down to the Atlantic Division:

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Atlantic Coast Conference - Atlantic Division Clemson 10/11

Florida State 1/1
North Carolina State 20/1
Maryland 25/1
Syracuse 25/1
Boston College 33/1
Wake Forest 50/1

Cue Boston College fans griping about why their team, which went 2-10 last season, doesn't have better odds than SU.

The other conference favorites include Louisville (AAC), Oklahoma St./Texas (B12), Ohio State (B1G), Boise St. (MWC), Oregon (Pac-12), Northern Illinois (MAC), Tulsa (CUSA) and Alabama (SEC). The Tide are 1/1 favorites to win their conference, which, sounds about right.