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"Keeping It Real" With EA Sports NCAA 14's New RB Features

EA Sports releases NCAA '14 on July 9th. They've made some heavy design changes for this season, including a hugely improved running game. Considering Syracuse is entering the season with a fantastic backfield, this could get interesting.


EA Sports NCAA Football '14 will be released on July 9th and TNIAAM is participating in a campaign with the theme of "Keeping It Real" so that you know more about the latest incarnation of the game.

We've already talked about the Syracuse Orange's team rating (81 Overall) and top player ratings. We haven't talked much about what's new in the game this year. One significant improvement to gameplay in NCAA '14 happens to be the running game.

This year, we enhanced the running game by enabling you to make hard cuts on the field. The running game is an integral piece of college football, and in order to deliver the most realistic experience, we’ve emphasized changing the running game to eliminate inauthentic turning and running. With NCAA Football 14 you can make more hard cuts, which give better feeling of better weight and realistic running.

While we’ve previously put an emphasis on getting the running backs up to full speed as quickly as possible, this year we’ve tuned the game to give users more control over running backs behind the line, as well as when making moves in the open field.

All of this bodes well for the Orange considering who we've got lining up in the backfield this season. Jerome Smith is going to be a stud in real life and, considering his 85 rating in the game, should be one there as well. Making sure there's minimal drop-off, Prince-Tyson Gulley rates an 82 overall. While we haven't seen the ratings yet for the other backs, we can be hopeful that Adonis Ameen-Moore is rated properly. Given that the game is giving RBs more realistic weight and running power, one can only imagine how The Tank will translate to gameplay.

While the video game version of the Orange might not be as good as we want them to be, my guess is that the running game will live up to the hype.

Your turn now to "keep it real" in the comments. Are you looking forward to testing out this SU backfield with the new game features? Do you agree with the player ratings or think Smith/Gulley should be higher? Do you think you can get Syracuse to the National Title game in NCAA '14?