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Ain't No Party Like A Scott Shafer Pool Party Cause A Scott Shafer Pool Party Has Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer loves pool parties. And P.O.D.

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Some thoughts after seeing that Syracuse Orange coach Scott Shafer had the team over for a pool party over the weekend...


1. Between the RHCP t-shirt he's wearing in this one and the Cap America shirt in the previous pool party photo, it looks like the key to dressing like Coach Shafer can be found on a Target t-shirt rack near you. (h/t: Adam S.)

2. FYI, Will Hicks is the "Assistant Athletics Director for Athletic Performance." He looks like the most likely person at the party to be have disappeared only to be found later having fallen asleep in the living room while watching the Yankees game.

3. Is that Drew Allen rockin' the pink/salmon shirt? Drew...we do things differently here...

4. I like that Coach made sure to bring out the pool noodles. Just in case.

5. If you want to have some fun, play Where's Kyle Knapp?

BONUS! Here's Coach Shafer hanging out with P.O.D. Remember them!?!?


Did Coach Marrone ever pose with an early 00's nu metal band whose full name is "Payable on Death?" Didn't think so...

The point is, Scott Shafer's Twitterfeed is a treasure trove.