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Macky MacPherson Would Like To Remind You That You Hate Miami

Macky MacPherson would like you to know that he really wants to beat Miami. So say we all.


Post-2003 Syracuse Orange fans might not realize this but you hate the Miami Hurricanes. I mean, you f***ing hate those mother-f***ing f***ers with a f***ing passion.

That's what happens when you play a series with another team and the outcome every single time is an ass-kicking. Seriously, between 1992 and 2003, the winning team won by 20+ points eight times. And it was usually Miami that was doing the winning.

SU center Macky MacPherson grew up a die-hard Syracuse fan, thanks to the fact that his grandfather was the head coach for some of it. And of all the things about joining the ACC, getting a chance to restart the Syracuse-Miami rivalry is one of the things he's most looking forward to.

Of course this is the part where Miami fans point out it was not a rivalry to them.

And then comes the part when Syracuse fans say, "66-13."

And then comes the part when Miami fans point out that was after the program was decimated by sanctions.

And then comes the part when Syracuse fans say, "We don't give a s**t."

And then, finally, everything feels normal again.

F*** Miami.

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