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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #59, C Macky MacPherson

Dick MacPherson's descendant keeps the GTKYOM countdown moving...

Name: Macky MacPherson

Position: Center

Year: Senior

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 290

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

High School: CBA

2012 Stats: Mac started every game, just as he had the year before. He was named to the 2012 Capital One Academic All-District Team and the middle of an O-line that protected one of Syracuse's most potent offenses in school history.

2013 Projections: Mac is now the leader of the offensive line, and dare I say, the offense. He'll have a first-year starter at QB behind him and a couple first-year starters on a transitional offensive line. They'll look to the three-year starter to lead the way.

How'd He Get Here?: He's Macky MacPherson, grandson of legendary Syracuse coach Dick MacPherson. He was practically destined to be here at birth.

Scout/Rivals Said: Two stars across the board. Now he's repping the school at Media Day, so, good call, Rivals.

Money Quote: "Deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to go to Syracuse. Syracuse has pretty much been my whole life. I was a ball boy when Coach Paul Pasqualoni was here. I got to see everything and how it worked. I fell in love with the place."

Links O'Wonder: Macky MacPherson hoping Syracuse does not play quarterback roulette during season

Tweets of Wonder:

What Does Shafer Think: "Couldn't have two finer ambassador's representing the 'Cuse in Macky MacPherson and Jay Bromley." - After ACC Kickoff

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: His full name is Richard Astralaga MacPherson, which is all at-once worse and better than Macky.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: