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Syracuse Basketball Recruit Tyler Roberson Awaits Clearance From NCAA

Incoming freshman Tyler Roberson is doing everything he can academically to make sure he can still call himself an incoming freshman.

Chris Chambers

Tyler Roberson might be the 2nd-best Tyler in the Syracuse Orange's 2013 recruiting class, but he's probably the 2nd-most anticipated recruit in that class overall. The 6'8" power forward is Top 50-rated and considered one of the fifteen-best PF in the nation by most. He may or may not see meaningful action this year, but you can bet he'll be a key cog by 2014-2015.

That is, if he's here. And Roberson has been spending his summer doing everything he can academically to make sure that happens...

Roberson had been taking summer classes at Roselle (N.J.) Catholic High School to bring his combination of grade point average and SAT scores up to the NCAA's requirements for incoming freshmen.

"Tyler has finished up his summer school courses,'' Roselle Catholic basketball coach Dave Boff said Thursday. "We're going to submit his transcript to the NCAA.''

Roberson is the only member of the 2013 class that hasn't already enrolled at SU. However, assuming the NCAA clears him (which is never a good assumption to make), he can not only enroll but might be able to join the team on their Canadian tour.

This is as good a time as any to remind you of my reminder about this class. As excited as you might be, the odds that all five of them will be successful at SU are slim. Let's just hope they all get a chance to at least start down that road, even if they don't all finish it.