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The Idiots Strike Again: Jim Boeheim Explains His Courtside Nap

Jim Boeheim was recently photographed napping courtside on a recruiting trip. As you might imagine, he has thoughts on it.

No one takes a photo of Jim Boeheim sleeping while out on the recruiting trail and gets away unscathed.

Donna Ditota talked to The Grand Curmudgeon himself so that he could clarify that, while the photo was taken at a basketball game, it was not during a basketball game.

"It was an hour before the game. I flew in from Indianapolis. I got up early and had no sleep," Boeheim said Wednesday during a telephone conversation. "It was 95 degrees. I was in the gym. I was almost alone in the gym, except obviously for some idiot with a camera. So I leaned back against the wall and slept for about 10 minutes. With no game going on."

The photographer remains anonymous. However, we now know that he or she is an idiot. And we also know that Andy Katz is an idiot. So by a matter of deduction, I can safely say that Andy Katz probably took the photo.

Let's just hope Boeheim keeps his wits about him while in Vegas. Last place he needs to pass out is at a poker table next to a pro...