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Who Knows What Curios Await You At The Syracuse Athletics Yard Sale

One can only imagine what they're pulling out of the Manley Field House attic and putting on sale Thursday and Friday.

Sale's thatta way.
Sale's thatta way.

I don't know exactly what will be available at the Syracuse University Department of Athletics yard sale going on Thursday and Friday at Manley Field House, but the mind is a-twitter with possibilities...

  • A sweater worn by Ben Schwartzwalder in 1957. All of 1957. Every single, god damn miserable day, you son of a bitch.
  • Coach Mac's thinkin' notebook containing various anti-Methodist rants.
  • A note passed from RA Jim Boeheim to student Tom Coughlin asking him to kick that PCP habit before it ruins his semester.
  • Kirby Dar Dar.
  • The weight lifting manual from Greg Robinson's tenure (a one-side, one-page plain piece of paper that says, "lift sum stuff."
  • The mummified remains of the seven original Otto The Orange clones. (cue ominous music...)
  • A mysterious box with a button on it, that, if you press the button, a college football team that you do not root for will go 3-9. But beware, that box will then be given to some who does not root for your college football team...
  • A crapton of Pat Dye voodoo dolls covered in feces.
  • Hollywood Hookah hookahs.
  • Egnaro The Troll.
  • Doug Marrone's Catfish Hunter lunchpail with three-year-old bologna sandwich left inside.

The yard sale will be open to the general public on Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Along with the curios mentioned above, the sale will also feature brands such as Nike and STX and include shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, several sports jerseys, basketball warm-ups and shorts, running shoes, basketball shoes, turf shoes, sandals and lacrosse equipment.

Cash and credit only, no SUpercard please.