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Last Chance To Donate & Help Syracuse Football's Lift for Life

You only have two days left to donate in the the Syracuse University chapter of Uplifting Athletes "Lift for Life."


As you've certainly heard by now, the Syracuse University chapter of Uplifting Athletes is holding its' first 'Lift for Life' event this week to raise awareness about research in the fight against brain cancer. The Syracuse chapter is led by Sam Rodgers and Eric Morris, the president and vice president, respectively.

How it works...on July 25th, the football players will be divided by offense and defense and the side that lifts the most total weight will win the first Orange Uplifting Athletes 'Lift for Life' title. But most importantly, no matter who wins, they'll have raised a bunch of money for the cause.

As for why the cause is fighting brain cancer, that much should be obvious for SU fans.

"Initially we just wanted to start Uplifting Athletes," Rodgers said. "We wanted to start it and raise money for cancer research. Then we realized there was an obvious choice – the brain cancer that affected our team."

Former SU punter Rob Long was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December 2010, cutting short his career. He's now cancer-free and continuing to pursue his dream.

The Lift for Life donation period ends in two days and according to the website, they've raised $4,500 so far. At the very least, let's push that over $5K. DONATE HERE.