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ACC Kickoff 2013 Recap: Syracuse Football Quotes, Videos & Whatnot

Let's take a look back at the quotes and videos that defined the Syracuse experience at ACC Kickoff 2013.

There's been a whole lot of Syracuse Orange stuff from the 2013 ACC Kickoff event. Let's look back on the best quotes and videos to come out of our inaugural affair...

Scott Shafer

"I'm concerned about the quarterback position, but I love the character behind each kid that's fighting to become the starter. I love the passion of the kids that play the game. They love football. They love their football, and they're working hard at it." - On the QB situation

"The one thing Drew brings to the table is he is a senior. He is a kid that's been around a long time. He's had to sit and wait his opportunities and decided to move on. He wants to play bad. He could have just finished up at Oklahoma and been done with his career, but he wants to play bad. That's inspirational to me." - On Drew Allen

"People can get excited about recruits early and stuff, but it's really the end of the line that I'm most concerned about," he said. "I like all the kids we've recruited, and I can't speak on who they are. But we're never going to be at the front of the pack. We're never going to be the top-rated recruiting class, and Syracuse never has, with the great players we've had. "If you look back and ask who the last five-star recruit Syracuse signed in football is, the room would be silent. But if I said, 'Who is the last great player to play at Syracuse that you really liked?' You'd go around the room and hear people chirping. Donovan McNabb, Dwight Freeney, Chandler Jones, Arthur Jones, Rob Moore, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, way before our time. We have great tradition. The thing we want to make sure we do is always understand who we are, embrace it and not apologize for who we are. "Once you know the formula, you know how to work the formula. We want to get back into that formula that's worked in the past. Recruiting kids with a chip on their shoulders that are underrated that you need to develop. Kids that want to play at Syracuse and don't apologize for wanting to play for Syracuse and wear this helmet. That's what we're looking for. Does it help when you get a kid committed that's really touted? Yes. But where is he in four to five years? I want the no-name kid that nobody knew his name at the beginning to be the kid we're talking about four and five years from now, like so many names I just mentioned." - On recruiting.

"I believe we have the most underrated fans in the country, I really do. When they get in there and they get fired up and get rollin' it's a fun place to play in. On third down it's a nightmare for quarterbacks. I remember Geno Smith a few years ago when we had West Virginia in there. Our crowd had that place shaking." - On SU fans

"They scare the hell out of you." - On Clemson.

"Now that we’re in the ACC, maybe we can get a Chick-fil-A to come up to Syracuse." - On fast food chicken restaurants.

Macky MacPherson

"I enjoyed all of it. I can't pretend that I didn't. It was a lot of fun. It was good to get a solid introduction to the ACC and find out what people think about us and let people know what Syracuse is all about." - On what he enjoyed. And shame on whoever was trying to convince him to pretend that he didn't enjoy it.

"I'm not a big fan of that system...Just because I like consistency." - On a multi-QB system.

"We need to get that quarterback situation taken care of. We have four guys who all can play, and that's not a bad problem. When you've got four guys that can all play it's a good problem to have, but it's still a problem. We've just got to figure that out...I know about as much as you do about who is going to be the starter. But we're confident in whatever quarterback we're going to put back there."

Jay Bromley

"The ice cream." - When asked what his favorite part of ACC Kickoff was.

"When I do pop up and you do see me, you're gonna know who I am." - On flying under the radar.

"To be honest with you, I feel like if I had gotten in front of NFL teams and worked out healthy, I know I could've impressed someone enough to be drafted." - Bromley submitted himself to the NFL Draft Advisory Board and was told he would go undrafted.

Clemson Tigers' QB Tajh Boyd

"Going to play in a place like that (the Carrier Dome) is legendary. We got the Doak Campbells (Florida State) and the Lane Stadiums (Virginia Tech) and now we get the Carrier Dome to add to it. It's going to make it that much more fun. I was talking to the Syracuse guys earlier and there is going to be way too much orange in that stadium. I grew up a Donovan McNabb fan and just all the tradition and pageantry that comes with that team is special. Syracuse is a great addition to the conference."

ACC commish John Swofford

"There's a whole history there, the way this thing has evolved. From the time we started talking about expansion Syracuse was always a part of the discussion and remained so, and I think for all the right reasons. "It makes more sense geographically now than ever for us in terms of what we have become as a 15-member league."

John Swofford loves The Bachelorette.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons coach Jim Grobe

On playing in the Carrier Dome:

I think the Dome is something that's gonna take some getting used to. It's different, something we haven't done's a tough place to go play.

Clemson Tigers coach Dabo Swinney

On coming to Syracuse...

I'm not excited about being ya'lls first ACC game and I'm not excited about being ya'lls Homecoming Game either. There gonna be a lot of orange in the Dome. But I've always wanted to go up to Syracuse and experience that. I know it's going to be an incredibly difficult place to play, but, listen, we're excited about it.

On Syracuse's actual location...

I'm looking forward to making my first trip up to Syracuse. I really don't know where it's at. I know it's in New York. But that's about as far as I can go from a geography standpoint. I gotta figure out where it is. Where is it? In the middle...okay, I've been to Buffalo, that's kinda at the top.