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Syracuse Football 2013 Preseason Depth Chart Looks Like You Think It Would

The preseasons depth chart that Syracuse will take into Fall camp is out. Is your favorite player at the top or unlisted?


The Syracuse Orange football team has finally replaced the post-spring depth chart with the preseason depth chart, which, doesn't sound like much, but hey it's something.

The chart only goes two-deep, so we don't know is slotted at third-string and beyond. Let's find out what we, uh, found out:

QB: Terrel Hunt is still slotted at QB1. Drew Allen is merely a ghost at this point but you and I both know he'll challenge for that role. Bad news for Charley Loeb. He's now sharing the QB2 slot with John Kinder.

RB: Jerome Smith is No. 1, Prince Tyson-Gulley is No. 2. Moving on...

FB: Clay Cleveland is the starter and Adonis Ameen-Moore is the back-up. I just find it hard to believe that AAM will be kept off the field for long stretches of time.

H-Back: This curious listing still belongs to Ashton Broyld and he's joined by Brisly Estime in what could end up being a critical component of the Orange offense.

WR: In the first slot, Jarrod West is the starter and Jeremiah Kobena is the 2nd man. In the second slot, Adrian Flemming is the starter and Christopher Clark is the 2nd man. Where for art thou, Quinta Funderburk?

TE: Lord Beckett Wales is set for a big season while Josh Parris might see some time as well.

OL: Your starters are LT Sean Hickey, LG Rob Trudo, C Macky MacPherson, RG Nick Robinson & RT Ivan Foy.

DL: Robert Welsh (DE), Eric Crume (NT), Jay Bromley (DT) and Micah Robinson (DE) are the starters. The coaches must have a lot of faith in Ron Thompson to make the transition from TE, he's slotted as the back-up at both DE positions. John Raymon is the 2nd DT.

LB: It's Cameron Lynch and Dyshawn Davis on the outside and Marquis Spruill on the inside.

CB: Keon Lyn and Ri'Shard Anderson are your first-teamers while Juliam Whigham and Brandon Reddish wait in the wings.

S: Durell Eskridge (SS) and Jeremi Wilkes (FS) hold the top spots at the end of the defense. Wayne Morgan and Ritchey Desir are behind them.

Kickers: We finally know what our special teams depth looks like. Ryan Norton is set to take kickoffs, "Das Boot" Ross Krautman retains his FG/XP job and Jonathan Fisher still maintains punting duties. Riley Dixon is the backup on both kickoffs and punts. Sam Rodgers will be handling the snapping duties.

Returners: The two guys on the field for kickoff returns right now are Jeremiah Kobena and Wayne Morgan. For punts, it's Ritchey "Don't Call Me Dene" Desir with Steve "Don't Call Me Ritchey" Rene backing him up.

As far as I can tell, nothing crazy. Nothing's set in stone either (well, other than at RB and LB), so let's see how things shake out in camp.