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BREAKING: Jim Boeheim Hates Change

As rumblings about replacing the Carrier Dome grow, you can be sure that Jim Boeheim hates the thought of it.

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Monday, Jim Boeheim told anyone with a microphone how happy he was for the Syracuse Orange to be in the ACC.

That, of course, was a stark contrast to how James Arthur felt when it first went down. But that makes sense because if there is anything Jim Boeheim hates, it's change.

We're talking about the guy who hated the idea of leaving Manley Field House for a cavernous Carrier Dome. The irony, of course, is that the Carrier Dome has become one of Boeheim's greatest assets and is synonymous with his program and tenure.

So naturally, when talk starts heating up about possibly replacing the Dome, the first person to speak up against the idea is James Arthur Boeheim:

"You build a new basketball arena, then you've got a basketball arena, just like everybody else has," Boeheim said. "We have a unique building. And it's in good shape. I'm not sure there's a reason. And if you build a place, where will it be?"

It should be noted that this is the same article in which DOC Gross basically put it out there that his master plan includes replacing the Dome. One of the little nuggets to keep in the back of your mind the next couple years is how much, or how little, Gross and Boeheim get along behind closed doors.

If the move to the ACC is any indication, Boeheim might be the face of Syracuse University but he's not the one pulling the strings. If Gross and INSERT CHANCELLOR HERE want to replace the Dome and raise the money to do it, they're gonna do it. Boeheim will complain until the day there's no turning back. And then he'll praise the plan unconditionally, because, Boeheim.