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Prince-Tyson Gulley Breaks His Legendary Silence On DreadlocksGate

PTG opens up about his dreadlock-less skull and reminds us that fraternities suck.

Jeff Zelevansky

As we all know, fraternities are terrible. They serve no purpose, pretend to provide any value to the community and basically ruin the world for everone else.

Case in point...Prince-Tyson Gulley's dreadlock-less skull, courtesy of Omega Psi Phi and their stupid hazing pledging process.

PTG spoke with Michael Cohen about the empty space where his flowing locks once sat, now replaced by a buzz cut that merely reminds us of what we've all lost.

"Honestly, I was sad to see them go," Syracuse running back Prince-Tyson Gulley said with a nostalgic smile. "I still want them back."

"I can grow them back, I just couldn't do it during (the pledging)," Gulley said. "But I do miss them."

F*** fraternities.