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Syracuse Football: Ameen-Moore Briefly Considered Transferring, Enters 2013 Refocused

Adonis Ameen-Moore had some high highs and low lows in 2012. He enters the 2013 season with a new role and a chance to take the next step.

Michael Cohen sat down with Mr. Tank Package himself, Adonis Ameen-Moore, to talk about what was a very up-and-down 2012 season. While we might like to remember all the good stuff (the aforementioned Tankage), there was also some bad (lack of playing time early, Pinstripe Bowl suspension).

Ameen-Moore seemed to find a place in a crowded backfield when it was all said and done. Still, with everyone returning and new players emerging, the big man was moved to fullback and even pondered transferring.

He talked with his parents about changing schools and finding an environment where he could be the featured tailback like he was in high school, where the ball would be in his hands 20 or 25 times every Saturday to plow through defenses with reckless abandon. And then he talked with them about why he chose Syracuse, the school that ensnared him with its football tradition and academic prowess from the moment he first visited.

He loved Syracuse. He loved his classes, his friends, his football program that boasted the legacies of Jim Brown and Ernie Davis and Floyd Little.

"I couldn't see myself leaving," Ameen-Moore said.

Good to hear. Some other nuggets of interest...

  • Ameen-Moore wouldn't say what the violation was that got him booted from the Pinstripe Bowl, other than to say he "messed up on team rules."
  • On his move to fullback: "What I want to play is running back. Me playing fullback, if that helps the team right now, then hey, I'm with it."
  • AAM says the offense will likely "rely on two running back sets out of the shotgun" with the QB reading the defense to decide where the play goes.

Check out the whole piece here.