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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #82, WR Alvin Cornelius


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If only we had a Simon and a Theodore on the roster as well...

Name: Alvin Cornelius III

Position: Wide Receiver

Year: RS Freshman

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

High School: Tottenville High School

2012 Stats: Alvin redshirted.

2013 Projections: Alvin's got a lot of quality upperclassmen ahead of him on the depth chart. He's currently in that third slot at Z-wideout behind Adrian Flemming and Chris Clark. Alvin might have to work his way up via special teams in the meantime.

How'd He Get Here?: Syracuse was the only school to offer Cornelius but that might be because we swooped in so quickly. UConn and Rutgers were sniffing around as well.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: Three stars from Scout, two from Rivals

Money Quote: "That's the city team right there. If you want to represent the city, that's the place to go." - Alvin on why he chose Syracuse.

Links of Wonder: MSG Varsity details Cornelius' commitment to SU.

Tweets of Wonder: Cornelius is a prolific tweeter. By the time you read one, there's five more ready to go.

What Does Shafer Think: No friggin' idea.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: While Cornelius put up good numbers as a senior, he faced double and triple teams as a result of his junior year, where he exploded for 695 yards and 14 TDs on 36 receptions.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: So I guess this is a video Alvin made for a SU class about concussions. Great soundtrack.