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We Be Fort Drummin' 2: Fort Drummin' Boogaloo

The SU football team is headed back to Fort Drum for a week of preseason training. Photos of Scott Shafer firing weapons, please!

See, this is a reference to the title of my post last year about the Syracuse Orange football team when they spent a week training at nearby Fort Drum.

It's also a reference to the fact that the SU football team will be doing it again this year.

Lastly, it also contains a reference to the hit film, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogalo.

Now you know how the sausage is made.

Syracuse football is returning to Fort Drum for preseason training camp. The Orange will travel north to the military post for practice during the week of August 12 to continue the bond it shares with the military personnel at Fort Drum.

"We are excited to continue our great relationship with the fine men and women stationed at Fort Drum as we enter our second year of holding training camp on-post," said Orange head coach Scott Shafer. "It is a unique opportunity for our players and staff to be around the people who defend this country and for all of us to learn from their leadership and sacrifice."

It's a win-win proposition. The University looks good supporting the troops, the troops get some good pub and we get photos of SU football players shooting guns in our faces.

Expect SU to continue doing this until it no longer becomes trendy and is replaced by, I don't know, say, training in Dubai in about three years.