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Syracuse Football: Drew Allen Is Here For The Right Reasons

When Syracuse football and The Bachelorette intersect, we are there.


Couple things...

  • Agreed. Being on The Bachelor/Bachelorette for The Right Reasons is the ultimate in #Hardnosed.
  • Drew Allen is not here to make friends.
  • I'm writing this before seeing the home visits but if I'm laying money, I'm saying the final two are Brooks and Chris with Chris winning. Next Bachelor? I have a theory that Juan Pablo comes out of nowhere to take it.
  • James got robbed.
  • How did I turn this into a forum for me to talk about The Bachelorette?

I think he's referring to Drew on the show but, in a way, our Drew is vying for love with the Syracuse Orange QB1 spot, too. He's already accepted our rose so the only question left is, will he head up to the fantasy suite with us or not?