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Boston Celtics Cut Kris Joseph. Again.

The Boston Celtics reacquired Kris Joseph in their big trade with the Nets. And then they cut him.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Joseph rejoined the Boston Celtics for three days. The trade that sent him from the Brooklyn Nets back to his original franchise only became official on July 12 and by the time July 15 rolled around, the Celts had cut him just like they had the first time around.

Sucks for KrisJo (obviously), since he had signed a contract just weeks before being traded by the Nets.

Joseph didn't get a chance to play in the Orlando Summer League because of the trade so he'll have to hope some other NBA team was intrigued by his play last year. Otherwise, it's back to the D-League.

The silver lining? It doesn't look like those who survived the trade are any happier than Joseph.