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Cleveland Cousins Club: Scoop Jardine Joining Cavaliers' Summer League Team

Scoop Jardine is getting a look from the Cleveland Cavaliers in their final five summer league games.

Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE

Dion Waiters and Scoop Jardine. Philadelphia natives, former Syracuse Orange teammates and forever made-up cousins, will be reunited on the basketball floor for at least five more games. Scoop tweeted Monday that the Cleveland Cavaliers have invited him to play for their Las Vegas summer league team for the rest of their run.

Full message is here:

I wanna give a S-O to the Cleveland cavaliers organization for giving me the opportunity to be apart of their summer league team On my way to Vegas.. Reunited with my brother from another mother @dionwaiters! To all the young ballers out there chasing yal dream make sure u believe in yourself and always stay ready bcuz through this journey u never know when your # will get called in this business and remember never take no for an answer! All u need is 1 team to fall in love! Also do it for the love! Everything else will fall into place.. I also wanna say I'm not officially on their team but hey it's better then watching it from the couch! #ilovethisgame

Hopefully Scoop's injuries have subsided enough for him to make a statement. And in case you're wondering, the Cavs' D-League team is the Canton Charge... Just an FYI.

Cleveland's next game is TBD as the league's new tournament-style formatting kicks in on Wednesday.