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Syracuse, Mets, T-Shirts -- The Perfect Trio (For Some)

If you're a Syracuse Orange and New York Mets fan, who is a T-shirt collector -- (cough, cough) Sean Keeley -- your Holy Grail may have arrived.


At this point, the thing between Syracuse fans and t-shirts has reached the point where we just accept it. No longer are we mocking it (well, we sorta still do that), instead, we embrace it like its a lovable flaw in are not-so-perfect family.

I am sure at this time, some SU fans have taken pride in the Syracuse/T-shirt relationship by taken it to another level, as maybe, you now collect them. Well, if you do and you're a New York Mets fan your Holy Grail may have arrived.

Ladies and gentlemen....



It seems the only way you can get this Syracuse t-shirt is to buy a ticket to the Mets vs. Washington Nationals game at City Field on June 29th; or stand outside Citi Field and after the game steal it off somebodies back.

I know Sean Keeley would take the less aggressive choice and he's about to purchase his New York Mets and plane tickets to the East Coast right now!

(Now, that I think of it. Sean is probably popular enough around here to get one of you to go to the game and send him a shirt.)