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TNIAAM Roundtable: NBA Draft Style

Dan Lyons, Chris Daughtrey, and Matt McClusky from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician talk the NBA Draft and the three Syracuse players' prospects heading into the draft.

You know you want more NBA draft coverage.

The NBA Finals might be in full swing, but the TNIAAM crew is taking a look ahead to the June 27th NBA draft. Is this draft as weak as the pundits are making it out to be? Is Michael Carter-Williams the best point guard in the 2013 draft class? Where might other former Orange players, James Southerland and Brandon Triche, fit in this class? These questions and more, asked and answered, for all you draft junkies out there.

Be sure to check back here at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician for the latest in Orange draft news and updates. The selections will take place on June 27th. With luck, Syracuse fans will only have to watch the first 5 picks or so until they hear a Syracuse's player's name called.

For now, though, sit back, relax and let Chris, Dan and Matt drop some NBA draft knowledge on you.