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Former Syracuse University Media Director Get 5 Years' Probation For Secret Tapes

The Roger Springfield saga came to an end Thursday, as a judge sentenced him to five years of probation. The ruling seems to be OK with both the prosecution and defense.


Roger Springfield, the former Syracuse University athletic media director that pleaded guilty to second-degree unlawful surveillance, was sentenced to five years' probation on Thursday.

The sentencing, issued by Judge Thomas Miller, came nearly six months after a police investigation revealed he had secretly taped SU athletes in locker rooms.

According to, Judge Miller was pretty forthright with Springfield, also a former sportscaster in the Syracuse area.

Judge Thomas Miller told Roger Springfield that his actions tarnished his reputation after "more than half a century as a law-abiding, productive member of society," and not only shamed and embarrassed himself, but his family.

"I'm sure they are and will remain mortified by this," Miller said in court.

However, despite his disappointment Judge Miller did not sentence Springfield to any jail time and did not force him to register as a sex offender, like District Attorney Jeremy Cali asked for.

Miller said he thought a sex offender registration requirement would be "unduly harsh."

He said factors he considered before ruling out registration included Sprinfield's age, clean record, lack of sexual contact with victims and willingness to seek treatment.

Defense attorney Jim McGraw presented the judge with a psychologist's report in March stating that Springfield's actions were not sexually motivated. McGraw would not elaborate on the contents of the report after sentencing.

Man, I am no lawyer, and do not try to act like it, but if I found out somebody video tapped me in a locker room or shower, specifically from the waste down like Springfield allegedly did, I'd be furious that he did not get any jail time or at least was no forced to register as a sex offender.

When I heard about the sentencing I was surprised. Yet, it sounds like bother parties are OK with the ruling.

"(Springfield's) a convicted felon now," said Cali. "He's been held accountable. He admitted to his behavior, lost his job, his reputation -- and given his conduct, he deserved that."

Overall, this seems to be the end of the Roger Springfield saga and, hopefully, the end to anymore SU sexual scandals for awhile.

(Knock on hardwood.)