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Syracuse Football: Charley Loeb Will Out-Tug You Any Day Of The Week

I found a video of the SU football team using The Tug. It's great.

Here's what I learned watching this video of the Syracuse Orange football team using The Tug, a tool used in non-contact team competition drills.

0:00: Is this what Coach Shafer means about locking opponents in the Dome and not letting them escape? Are we just challenging everyone to a Tug-off? I'm not against it, I'm just asking questions.

0:08 - 0:15: This sequence sums up why I couldn't play football. So much yelling! So many people in your personal space! So much uninterrupted effort!

0:22: With an upper-body like that, you're going to win some Tugs in your day.

0:41: Charley Loeb vs. Jeremi Wilkes. A duel for the ages. With all the arm-switching, one-handed battling, falling down and getting back up, it's like watching two Jedis in their Tug prime. Eventually, Charley and his jeggings take advantage and win the day. On this day, Loeb is our true leader.

1:03: R.G.L.C.L.