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James Southerland Gets Summer League Offers From Sixers & Warriors

James Southerland turned down an offer from the Spurs on Thursday. He accepted two offers from the Sixers and Warriors on Friday.

Nate Shron

When the news broke that James Southerland had turned down an offer by the San Antonio Spurs to spend next season in Europe in exchange for being drafted in the second round, there was much gnashing of teeth. However, Southerland was able to turn that single offer into a doubler, earning summer league invites from both the Philadelphia Sixers and the Golden State Warriors.

Southerland, a 6-foot-8 forward, had so many opportunities as an undrafted free agent that he finally worked out an arrangement to play for the Phildelphia 76ers in the NBA's Orlando summer league, which runs from July 7-12, and then play for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League, which runs from July 12-22.

In the article, Southerland also explains that the Spurs made no promises that he would make the team the following season. In essence, they wanted his rights in exchange for a photo op. Perhaps Southie was smart to turn the offer down after all (though that'll likely depend on whether or not he makes the Sixers or Warriors).

With Philadelphia, Southie will get reunited (briefly) with Michael Carter-Williams, so, that's nice.