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Syracuse Daily Links - Rewriting Conference Realignment: What if SU Joined the ACC Back in 2003?

Today's daily links take a hypothetical look at realignment had Syracuse joined the ACC back in 2003, plus football talk, counting down to the ACC and more...


Syracuse is About to Join the ACC, But What if SU Made the Move 10 Years Ago? |

But what would have happened if the ACC had carried out its original expansion plan? If Syracuse had joined Miami and Boston College in leaving for the ACC, how might that have impacted the futures of the Big East, its member schools, Louisville and Cincinnati, and the rest of the college landscape?

Quarterbacks coach Tim Lester Assesses the Running Styles of Syracuse's Three Options |

Lester said he still expects, and wants, the quarterbacking competition to come down to who throws the ball the best during training camp, but Terrel Hunt's effectiveness in the running game is currently the reason he sits atop the depth chart.

Syracuse Wide Receivers Coach Rob Moore Breaks Down Unit Heading Into the Summer |

Few positions have as many question marks heading into the 2013 season as the wide receiver unit. Departed seniors Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales combined for almost 2,000 yards last season, leaving behind a deep yet unproven group of receivers.

ACC, Pinstripe Bowl Reach Six-Year Deal: Future ACC Bowl Lineup Takes Shape | BC Interruption

As part of the deal, Yankee Stadium will feature an ACC sign for all Yankees home regular-season games starting in 2014, rendering the conference's addition of New York's College Team (TM) useless.

Did You See That?!: The ACC Lacrosse-SEC Football Comparison | College Crosse

With Notre Dame and Syracuse prepared to enter the ACC on July 1, 2013, it's starting to happen again -- the ACC lacrosse-SEC football comparisons are running hot and melting faces.

Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer Still Believes Calculated Gamble on Corey Cooper Will Pay Dividends |

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer said the Orange took a calculated risk on Corey Cooper because they liked his character and SU needed to replace decommitted players late in the recruiting process.

Penn State Opposing Player Rankings: No. 24 Dyshawn Davis, LB, Syracuse |

Syracuse linebacker Dyshawn Davis has turned rare athleticism into pure disruptive ability. A former high school wideout, Davis has led the Orange in tackles for loss in each of his first two seasons on campus. He's already on the verge of cracking the school's top 10 for TFLs.

Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Assesses the NBA Draft Potential of Michael Carter-Williams |

"Generally speaking in the NBA, they feel that a shooter like Michael will get better," Boeheim said. "That's what their general thought is. And it happens. Guys get better."

Countdown to the ACC: What are Syracuse Fans Looking Forward to in the New League? |

While it will be sad to leave behind the rivalries, history, going to Madison Square Garden for the Big East Tournament and all the great memories the league brought Orange fans, there is a lot to look forward to in the ACC.

Player Profile: James Southerland | 3 Shades of Blue

The 23-year-old shot 39.8% from behind the arc during his senior year at Syracuse and understands that his best chance of making an NBA roster will come from proving he can shoot from the NBA 3pt line.

Syracuse's Jerami Grant has Mononucleosis, Won't Play for U.S. in U19 World Championships |

Jerami Grant, Syracuse's sophomore forward, has been diagnosed with mononucleosis and will be unable to play for the United States in the FIBA U19 World Championship in Prague.

Someone decided to film themselves playing Syracuse against Louisville in NCAA Football 13, while providing Spanish-language commentary. Spoiler alert: We win 53-9.