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Jim Boeheim Really Wants To Kickstart The Syracuse-UNC Rivalry

Jim Boeheim, as he is wont to do, has some candid thoughts on things.

Kevin C. Cox

BREAKING: Jim Boeheim is speaking openly about things outside of the realm of Syracuse Orange basketball (via ProjectSpurs)...

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, who is no stranger to generating headlines, spoke to recently about the NBA Finals. While Boeheim was very complimentary of the Spurs, he certainly seemed "unplugged" when speaking of Spurs guard Danny Green.

"Part of you wants the Spurs to win because they have such a great organization," he said. "They do it the right way. They did everything they could to win. But in the end, Danny Green proved why he's been in and out of the league all the time."

FYI, Danny Green formerly played for the North Carolina Tar Heels and was a key member of their 2009 National Title team. I'm guessing they noticed all of this as well.

UNC will visit the Dome this season but SU won't be traveling to Chapel Hill. For the best, really.