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Outgoing SU Chancellor, Nancy Cantor, Hired By Rutgers

The Syracuse University chancellor that stood by Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim during his darkest days will accept a new position with Rutgers University, according to

Nate Shron

The leader that stood behind Jim Boeheim during his darkest days as Syracuse Orange head basketball coach, outgoing SU chancellor Nancy Cantor, has been offered and will accept a position as the head of Rutger University's Newark campus,'s Kelly Heyboer is reporting.

Update: Cantor has officially been named the Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark.

Cantor, who announced last Fall she was not renewing her contract with SU when it ends in 2014, was a vital part of the university's handling of the Bernie Fine scandal. She joins a university that is currently dealing with a lot of dirty laundry.

"I’m used to turmoil, honestly," Cantor said.

Unfortunately, yes. Yes you are Mrs. Cantor.

In the article, Cantor addressed her decision making during those times both pre-Mark Schwarz's story and post-Schwarz story.

"With hindsight one can always say you could have done something differently, absolutely," Cantor said. "We have, since it came out, faced it very openly and squarely. But, you know, we’re a learning institution and I’m a learning person as a president."

One of her most important decisions, which back then wasn't a popular one by a majority of outsiders, but in hindsight was probably the right one, was not firing, instead, being very supportive of Boeheim after he called Mike Davis and Bobby Lang liars that were out for money.

Boeheim, who spoke very highly of her back in October when she made the announcement she was not renewing her contract, will be the athletic coach that will probably miss her the most.

In the end, it is nice that Cantor found a new position she is excited about. However, it also means...