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Syracuse Athletics Makes History: DOCTOR Daryl Gross And Co. Doing A Fine Job

DOCTOR Gross got his wish Wednesday, as the SU athletic department announced it reached historic standards in the NACDA rankings and Capital One Cup standings. It is a testament of just how improved all of the SU athletics programs are under his watch.


Syracuse University athletic director Daryl Gross has had a fine year, and because of that his baby -- the SU athletic department -- made historic strides in the NACDA Directors Cup and Capital One Cup standings.

On Wednesday, SU announced it will finish in the top 40 of the NACDA rankings for the first time in history. The status was helped by 10 programs making it to the postseason with four of them advancing all the way to the Final Four (women's field hockey, women's and men's lacrosse and men's basketball).

Meanwhile, in the Capital One Cup standings the Orange have solidified an eighth-place finish on the men's side and a tie for 21st place on the women's.

"This was the greatest finish across the board in SU Athletic history," said Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross in the press release. "We could not be more proud of our outstanding coaches and student-athletes for our historic performance in the Directors' Cup. We are filled with the utmost confidence as our teams competed at the highest national level during the year and now enter the new era of SU Athletics in the ACC. It has been an amazing climb to get to this point and the challenge now is to continue the momentum and reach even higher."

Listen, we here at TNIAAM have made fun of DOCTOR Gross for his ability to seemingly be in the right place at the right time during photo sessions, or his and the athletic department's NFL-protect-the-shield mentality when it comes to public relations at SU; but he and his staff have done one heck of a job building up all of Syracuse athletics.

Here's to hoping for a better finish next year.