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What Channel Is The Game On? Honestly, We Don't Know Anymore

A friendly reminder to all Time Warner subscribers that tomorrow you will no longer know what channel the game is on. Oh, and neither will TNIAAM.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

It does not matter how many years I've lived away from my parents' house every time I go over I know exactly what channel ESPN, ESPN2, SNY, YES or TWCS is. However, it seems like that could all change very soon, according to's Geoff Herbert.

TWC has warned of the upcoming changes over the past few weeks through letters, email and phone calls to customers. Basic cable subscribers won't be affected as channels 1 through 99 will not change, but everything above 100 is "being reorganized to be more intuitive."

So, what does that mean to all you non-basic cablers that live your boob tube lives above the 100s? It means the ESPNs and the TWCS will be found in the 300s.

Though it may sound confusing, there's no difference between HD and SD channels anymore as high-definition televisions will automatically display shows broadcast in HD on any channel as high-definition. On the downside, as one reader pointed out, automatically seeing all channels in high-definition means your DVR can fill up much faster.

Whoa. We now live in a world where SD and HD are one? Oh, how times have changed.

Anyway, what this all means now is, when there's a Syracuse basketball or football game and you don't know what channel it is on, and to solve this trouble you decided to ask Sean on Twitter, "what channel is the game on?" He actually can respond, "I have no f***ing idea."

Hey, at least we warned you.