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NCAA '14 Player Ratings: Marquis Spruill, Dyshawn Davis & Jerome Smith Lead The Orange

The top ten-rated players for each school in NCAA '14 has been released. Find out who Syracuse's top guys are. 20% of them are kickers, FYI.

Rich Schultz

We already found out that the Syracuse Orange are once-again an "81" rated football team in NCAA '14. Now we found out which players are the ones keeping us from being a 71.

The top 10 players for every team in NCAA Football 14 have been revealed in a video courtesy of Operation Sports. Watch and learn...

So in case you missed it, here's Syracuse's top ten...

Number Actual Player Rating
MLB #11 Marquis Spruill 88
ROLB #35 Dyshawn Davis 86
HB #45 Jerome Smith 85
LG #59 Macky MacPherson 84
K #37 Ross Krautman 84
WR #88 Jarrod West 83
HB #23 Prince-Tyson Gulley 82
QB #17 Charley Loeb 82
P #46 Jonathan Fisher 81
TE #85 Beckett Wales 81

As a frame of reference, last year's top-rated players were Sir Alec Lemon (89), Ross Krautman (85), Marquis Spruill (85), Marcus Sales (85), Dyshawn Davis (84), Dan Vaughan (84), Ryan Nassib (83), Shamarko Thomas (81) and Andrew Philips (80). Justin Pugh was rated 77, so, there's that too.

Spruill and Davis must have done a few Oklahoma Drills in the off-season cause they both got boosted a few points.

Unlike last season when we had no RBs among our top players, this year we have two. Smith was a 77 and Gulley was a 74 last year.

At least Charley Loeb gets to be the No. 1 QB somewhere. And he's all the way up from 68! What a leap!

Macky at LG? Who the hell does NCAA '14 think our center is? What do they know???

Das Boot gets downgraded a point. And he was at 86 two years ago. Motivate thyself, sir!