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The Point Of

There's been a bit of discontent in TNIAAM Commentland lately and I just wanted to jump back in briefly to share a couple thoughts on things.


There's been a bit of discontent in TNIAAM Commentland lately and I just wanted to jump back in briefly to share a couple thoughts on things. Consider this my 2013 State Of The Blog address.

If It's Related To Syracuse, Even Tangentially, We're Going To Talk About It

My usual cliche when telling people about the site is that it's "Deadspin for Syracuse Fans." While that's not exactly true, nor would I actually want it to be, it gets the basic gist across. You can get your Syracuse news from a whole lot of places. Most of them are just going to give you the basics. They'll tell you about what's going on with the football team or the basketball team or any kind of breaking news about Syracuse Athletics. Some have personality, some are strictly about news.

The point of this site is to not only discuss those things but also discuss the stories related to SU that slip through the cracks. The thing we all saw during the game that was going on in the crowd. The stupid thing an announcer said. The funny catchphrases that our coaches might have. A dumb thing one of our football players tweets. And yes, when bad shit happens. Nothing is off the table for discussion so long as it related to Syracuse in some way, shape or form.

That Includes Negative News & Topics

This is not a booster club. If you just want to talk about the positive stuff and bury your head in the sand over the bad, I'm pretty sure has rolled out some kind of social media platform for you to go do that. Have at it, you'll get no ill will from me. But if you are going to be a part of this community, you have to accept that sometimes things happen that portray Syracuse in a negative light and those things need to be discussed.

Imagine if this were an NFL blog ("Matt Cavanaugh Is A Prodigious Enchantress"). The Tim Tebow to the Patriots story breaks. Maybe I don't want to write another story about Tim Tebow. Maybe you don't want to read another story about Tim Tebow. But if I don't write that story, it's not like that makes the story go away. Every other NFL site (and TV show and radio show and message board) is going to discuss Tim Tebow going to the Patriots. All we've accomplished is burying our heads in the no effect. Meanwhile, if this is THE premiere NFL blog on the Blogonet (which MCIAPE would be, obviously), then I better write a f***ing Tim Tebow to the Patriots story if I know what's good for me. If for nothing else than to be a complete news source for the topic I am tasked with writing about.

Speaking specifically about the Bernie Fine scandal, this is a massive, massive story related to Syracuse Athletics and Syracuse University. This was a national story for a prolonged period of time, one that almost ended the career of the school's most important figure and remains an unknown quantity. Is he innocent? Did a major sports network jump on this just to drum up ratings? Is there a damning piece of evidence yet to be revealed? Do any of the various lawsuits out there have merit? However this plays out, and trust me it's not done playing out yet, it will have a long-standing effect on SU. It is a story that absolutely needs to be covered and discussed in this environment.

There are tons of Syracuse sports blogs out there, many of whom no longer discuss the Bernie Fine news. They're perfectly fine places to go if you'd rather ignore it. I am not offended.

You Are Not Required To Do Anything

I love it when you guys comment. So does everyone else who writes for the site. It's the whole point of all thing...that we pretend we know what we're talking about and you placate our egos by commenting on our diatribes, thereby confirming their existence and your awareness of them. But...if you didn't want to comment on a certain article because you don't like the topic or you're tired of discussing do not have to. There is no comment quota you need to hit. There is no goal you need to reach. There is no expectation on my part. I do not have a Google spreadsheet that keeps track of who comments where, when and how often. I am way too lazy to even begin doing something like that.

So keep that in mind next time there is an article that makes you roll your eyes or that you don't want to read. I'm not against people sharing their opinions, far from it. But, if you don't like a certain topic and you've voiced your concern about said topic on numerous occasions, rest assured that...

1. We know.

2. We don't care.

If we want to keep writing about something, we will. If we don't want to keep writing about something, we won't.

(Here's a pro-tip if you want to influence topics on this site. Speaking for myself, if I see that a certain topic generates 87 comments, I am going to remember to bring that topic up again. If I see a certain topic generates no comments, I am going to remember it's probably not worth bringing it up again. So if you want to be a change agent (BUZZWORD!) on this site, sometimes doing nothing is more powerful than doing something).

Hey Everybody, This Is Fun!

Sports are fun. Being a sports fan is fun (except for when it's not). Writing about sports is fun. Reading about sports is fun. Having opinions about sports is totally cool but at the end of the day, fairly meaningless and just for fun.

Now go have some f***ing fun.