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Atlantic Coast Convos: Previewing Florida State Football

Syracuse will officially be a member of the ACC in less than two months. As Orange fans prepare to join their new conference, we're previewing each of our future gridiron rivals.

Stacy Revere

Welcome to the latest installment of TNIAAM's weekly podcast, Atlantic Coast Convos. During the offseason, we'll be previewing the conference's other 13 football teams, while helping Syracuse fans get more familiar with our new conference rivals. While this podcast does share its name and author with the blog Atlantic Coast Convos, the two are separate entities. Hopefully that helps clear up some confusion!

In this week's podcast, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons discuss Florida State football, the team that will likely be beating Syracuse on every trip to Tallahassee for the foreseeable future. FSU's in the Atlantic Division with the Orange, so this will be a yearly event (every other on the road). If you'll recall, we were one of the "basketball schools" many Noles fans were particularly ticked off about last summer when they were clamoring to join the Big 12. Some of today's other specifics included:

  • Expectations around FSU QB Jameis Winston; can he live up to the hype?
  • Florida State's defense is much more experienced than you think it is
  • Talking about Greg Gerg Robinson for an inexplicably long time (including an Akron mention)
  • Offering up West Coast food recommendations for Jim Boeheim (try Olive Garden!)
  • Evaluating whether the ACC would still want West Virginia (no.)
  • The dangers of showing up in Raleigh while highly ranked on a Saturday night
  • This week's favorite beer choices (follow John and Dan on Untappd!)

Plan accordingly: This podcast is over an hour long... because what's the point of talking about football if you don't also have random side commentary, too?


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