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EA Sports NCAA Football 14: Syracuse Receives 81 Overall Rating

Team and player ratings for EA Sports NCAA Football 14 are starting to pour in at E3 2013

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Tradition Sports Online, the overall team rankings for all 125 FBS schools (plus some FCS squads too) in EA Sports NCAA Football 14 have been released, with the completely subjective "prestige ratings" have yet to be announced. After an 8-5 season that saw the Orange tear up its second-half opponents on both offense and defense, the team got a high overall score of... an 81?

Yes, it's a video game. But it's hard not to be a bit confused when looking at that number. The Orange received an 83 on offense and an 80 on defense, after a season in which it scored 30 points per game and allowed just 24.8, respectively. Also keep in mind the momentum this team had toward the second half of the year, and the obliteration it exacted on West Virginia (83 overall) in the Pinstripe Bowl.

"Well maybe everyone's just low?" That's what I thought, too. Until I saw SU received an 81 overall last season as well, coming off a lackluster 5-7 campaign. Same score on offense (83), with a lower score on defense (78) last time around. That team, for your reference, scored just 24 points per game, while allowing 28.5. Commence head scratching here.

Comparatively, here's how our new ACC rivals looked, with notes on offensive and defensive rating, overall rating and their respective W-L records from the 2012 season:

Boston College (2-10): 86 (off.), 85 (def.), 86 (overall)

Clemson (11-2): 95 (off.), 90 (def.), 93 (overall)

Duke (6-7): 79 (off.), 78 (def.), 79 (overall)

Florida State (12-2): 93 (off.), 92 (def.), 91 (overall)

Georgia Tech (7-7): 83 (off.), 88 (def.), 86 (overall)

Maryland (4-8): 86 (off.), 85 (def.), 86 (overall)

Miami (7-5): 91 (off.), 88 (def.), 90 (overall)

NC State (7-6): 84 (off.), 85 (def.), 84 (overall)

North Carolina (8-4): 91 (off.), 90 (def.), 91 (overall)

Pittsburgh (6-7): 77 (off.), 80 (def.), 77 (overall)

Virginia (4-8): 86 (off.), 83 (def.), 84 (overall)

Virginia Tech (7-6): 91 (off.), 95 (def.), 93 (overall)

Wake Forest (5-7): 83 (off.), 85 (def.), 83 (overall)


Before we all launch into fits of rage, let's again remember this is a video game at the end of the day. That said...


I mean, I hate to pick on Boston College to start (or do I?), but how the hell are the Eagles perceived to be that much better than Syracuse -- whether it's this year's or last year's squad -- given the state of that program? Georgia Tech allowed 49 points to Middle Tennessee State. But sure, I guess their defense is an 88 out of 100. UVa was, and is still, collectively in shambles, yet they're looked at as better than us too.

EA Sports... #AddThemToTheList