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NCAA Releases APR For 2011-12: How Did Syracuse Teams Fare?

The NCAA's Academic Progress Ratings are out for 2011-12. How did Syracuse's varsity teams do?


Ah, the APR. Jim Boeheim hates it, as well he should. The system, which was supposed to measure an average of academic performance over a four-year period, is more flawed than the NCAA's willing to let on... and yet, it's a real factor in whether or not teams can participate in the postseason. As you'll remember UConn basketball was one of several programs declared ineligible for the postseason last year after posting a score below 930 (the magic cut line). And based on the Husky basketball team's score this year (897), maybe they're out once again (though I don't believe that's the case).

The major issues with the APR are as follows (and have all been outlined by Jim Boeheim and others numerous times);

  • Teams are penalized for transfers, as those students are counted as 'incomplete' toward the total score
  • Teams are penalized for having players declare for their sport's respective professional draft and then no longer attending class (how are you supposed to force them to do so?)
  • It's an arbitrary number system... that's all.

However, Syracuse has nothing to gripe about this time around (nor did we last time), as the Orange basketball team (the squad most were concerned about) made it just over the cut line with a mark of 930. SU football, on the other hand, fared much better, grabbing a 958 (10th in the ACC).

Using the handy sorting tool the NCAA provided, you can look through any combination of schools, sports, states, conferences and academic years to determine how every SU team stacked up. I've included every Orange athletic team below, complete with score and where they stand, respectively, in comparison to their future conferencemates in the ACC.

Field Hockey: 988 (5th)

Football: 958 (10th -- see the full list of ACC football rankings at Atlantic Coast Convos)

Men's Basketball: 933 (15th)

Men's Cross Country: 996 (T-5th)

Men's Lacrosse: 972 (6th)

Men's Soccer: 950 (11th)

Men's Indoor Track: 997 (T-3rd)

Men's Outdoor Track: 997 (T-3rd)

Softball: 977 (T-7th)

Women's Cross Country: 1000 (T-1st)

Women's Ice Hockey: 979 (N/A)

Women's Lacrosse: 998 (3rd)

Women's Rowing: 992 (5th)

Women's Soccer: 993 (4th)

Women's Tennis: 992 (T-2nd)

Women's Indoor Track: 988 (T-6th)

Women's Outdoor Track: 988 (T-6th)

Women's Volleyball: 1000 (T-1st)


As you can see, the non-revenue sports (especially women's sports) at Syracuse are excelling academically, as their performance on the field has also reached a new level of success for the Orange. Soccer, basketball and football could all put in more work in terms of academic improvement -- especially basketball, which is walking a tightrope with the NCAA for the second straight season. We may dislike the APR, but until something else comes along to replace it, we need to play by its rules.

What do you guys think? Impressed with the work SU's done in the classroom? Any teams you'd like to see improve? Seems we stack up reasonably well against our ACC counterparts (in most sports, anyway) -- which is a relief, for sure.