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Got $1.4M Handy? Buy Doug Marrone's Old House

If you're looking for a house that comes with a pre-made Syracuse basketball court inside, why not take a gander at Doug Marrone's old home...

Because I'm doing so much on my other gig this month, I've got real estate on the mind. And when I found out that Doug Marrone's Jamesville's house is not only still on the market but is available to look at, well, I had to sneak a peak.

Sure, she's a looker, but just because it was FHCDM's house, that doesn't mean you should buy it. No, you should buy it because of this...



Yeah. that's pretty sweet. And, no hashtags that you'll have to remove. Double bonus.

Also, you might be inclined to think this was Marrone's son's room, but I'm willing to bet it was actually Marrone's.


Take that Drew Brees Fathead down and the value of the home decreases 10%.