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Syracuse Lacrosse NCAA Preview: Links on Links on Links

Syracuse retook it's rightful place at the top of the lacrosse world this week by claiming the number one overal seed in the NCAA tournament. What does that all mean? TONS OF PREVIEWS ALL SAYING THINGS.

Winslow Townson

Here we go: the first of many previews of the 2013 NCAA Lacrosse National Championship Tournament. The Syracuse Orange, after all of the scrutiny and odd losses to Albany and Hobart, claimed the number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

As Brian Megill so blatantly told me at the beginning of the season, this group of seniors doesn't have a Final Four. Let that sink in: the powerhouse of the sport, one of the founding members of collegiate lacrosse, has a group of seniors without a Final Four.

Yes, the Lacrosse landscape has changed but the Orange are a powerhouse and a number one overall seed may have signaled a revival.

What are the early predictions? According to raw statistics, the Orange have a 79% chance of making it out of the first round, but after the Army fiasco of a few years ago iis keeping the team on their toes this week.

Hoya Suxa and the College Crosse crew have Syracuse as the sixth most fun team to watch in the tournament with Albany being the most fun. A rematch in the Final Four would be fun...

Inside Lacrosse has a fifty minute podcast on the whole tournament, definitely worth a listen if you want to get more up to speed before Sunday's showdown.

Finally, if you're in the Syracuse area on Sunday, tickets are on sale for $10 a person, $5 with an SU, ESF or Bryant ID.